Edit the live video from your studio

Pull an SRT stream from Omnistream cloud to your VMIX / OBS Platform
The boosted live video will arrive safely and maintain high quality,
even when with low latency as 1.5 seconds.
Pull video from multiple cameras on the field.

Dashboard monitoring your stream quality

2 Internal modems + 1 Ext USB modem
Distribution between cellular operators / WiFi
Bitrate Chart

Multiple Destinations

SDI Output on a Local Server - Omnistream Secured Recipient SW with BlackMagic card
Pull an SRT stream from Omnistream cloud to your VMIX / OBS Platform
Smartphone recording can be played on our cloud while uploading
Share to multiple internet platforms
Cost Effective
  • Only the cameraman on the field
  • No need for mobilizing your studio equipment
  • Professional result with low budget  – add scoreboard, replays, titles
SRT - Industry Standard
  • Integrates with live editing tools as VMIX and OBS
  • Acts as extension of your cameras over the internet
  • Boosted Video to the cloud and reliable transport to the studio with SRT
Easy of use
  • No worries for onsite electricity or internet connectivity
  • Multiple Cameras production – External camera with our off the shelf encoder -Smartphone cameras
Get all these benefits and more by implementing Omnistream cloud cellular bonding on your Kiloview encoder for 1 month for free.
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